Sometimes, we get it wrong.

All the time, all around us, and within ourselves, we hear and hold fast to ideas and perceptions that we believe and build our lives around.

"The church is dying."

"Young people today are lost and self-consumed."

"There's nothing we can do."

We believe these things because we feel these things. As we look at our churches, there are less and less people filling the rows. The culture of today is scarier and scarier as everyone gets to "decide what is true" and "define who they are." We are so unsure of what is happening, we don't do anything at all, shrinking back into our safe lives, because we don't know who we might offend or where we might suffer harm.

But, sometimes, we get it wrong.

More and more, our small, faithless perceptions are challenged. It is undeniably true that our old way of doing things is unraveling— that once-successful strategies and plans no longer are. But this isn't the right point to make anyway. It isn't the right story.

When we lift our eyes to faith-filled places, what we see is the Lord at work all over the world. We are completely surrounded. We cannot be where the Lord is not moving, because He has His eyes on every one of us, His hand reaching toward us all. And His victories persist beyond every grumpy perception, in every doubt-filled heart, and in spite of any one of our greatest takes.

The Lord has a plan to restore everything, everyone, and every situation. He has not grown tired, nor has He slinked back.

It's we who get it wrong. It's we who have grown tired.

In faith-filled places, "The church is dying," turns to, "The Lord will not allow us to hold on to old things when He is working in new ways."

In faith-filled places, "Young people today are lost and self-consumed," turns to, "Young people want more than a watered-down faith. Only Jesus and His authentic, powerful ways will reach them."

In faith-filled places, "There's nothing we can do," turns to, "We are called to lay down our lives, to give up everything, to be with Him. And like the disciples, those who are with Him, go."

And how do we access these faith-filled places? By turning to Him and asking for Him. Only with Him do we have hope, His voice, and His help.

Consistently, time and time again, Jesus has to give eyes to see where He is moving and what He is doing. Without this miracle, we are dull, colorless, and hopeless.

This year, time and time again, Jesus has shown us the depths and widths and breadths in which He is moving powerfully. We have a powerful, just, good God who has never lost a battle, nor will He.

In neighborhoods, in churches, in businesses, and in schools, those who cling to an old way or those who turn to what used to work, are suffocating and experiencing loss. Across our communities, those with faith to lose their plans and turn to Jesus, have hold of nonsensical, advancing, powerful help.

We don't have a choice. The Lord gave us this purpose: to reach young people who will transform cities.

And He requires that we reach them with Him, in His ways, and by His strength.

Across the entire world, He is advancing every purpose He has spoken. And He requires that it happen with Him, in His ways, and by His strength.

For you and your family and your community and your purpose, He is present, and He is winning. And you will experience that more and more as you are with Him, in His ways, and living by His strength.

We are so grateful for this year where the Lord has helped us let go of so much that no longer helps us. We are so grateful that He has shared with us a vision for what's next, for new ways, for more young people, more families, more churches, businesses, and schools.

His work is in every neighborhood, in every city, in every country across the world, and that's where we are going to go. We are asking for your help to raise $100,000.

Join the growing movement of those who go out to participate in what the Lord is doing to reach young people and their cities.

Go with Him to the faith-filled places (you will be surprised by what He says and does).

Give at give.boywithaball.com.

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