Love Your City Trips give you and your team the opportunity to go to one of
our local teams around the world and learn what it takes to Love Your City in your neighborhood, no matter where you live.


Centered around the five Forgotten Pieces, Love Your City trips exists as a week-long training ground for your group to learn how to follow Jesus into living missionally in your own city.

Designed for small groups and youth groups

Pre-trip training gets your team ready for your week-long boots-on-the-ground experience

For groups who long to find what Jesus is doing in their own city and follow Him into missional impact



We know you have many questions about traveling with Boy With a Ball. We are so excited for the opportunity to host you in one of our amazing sites. If you have more questions beyond the ones listed, please reach out to us.
Where can I travel to?
As of right now, the teams currently accepting Love Your City Trip Groups are Atlanta, Costa Rica, Nicaragua, and Kenya.
What kind of groups can take a love your city trip?
We are excited to host groups from churches and the marketplace. Whether you are a youth group looking to learn and grow in missional impact or a business looking to grow your CSR, you can take a Love Your City Trip. All you need to do is reach out with the specifics of your group to get you started.
Can I take a Love Your city trip as an individual?
Yes! If you are not travelling with a group but want to experience a Love Your City Trip, we periodically do an "open call" trip where anyone can sign up! Stay on the lookout
How much does it cost?
The cost of your trip is determined by person and is specific to where you are travelling. Love Your City Trip costs cover everything in-country including food, housing, and projects. Trip costs do not include airfare.
why is there pre-trip training?
We don't believe Love Your City trips are about a one-week experience. We are excited to build an important relationship with you and your group that helps you grow into new impact in your own community. Because of that, it is so important to be prepared going into your trip.


Reach out to let us know a little about your group and why you are interested in Love Your City Trips!

What team are you most interested in traveling to?
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