If you want you are a learner, if you know you were made for something bigger than yourself,
if you dream of meaningfully reaching, helping, and loving young people, then being a Boy With a Ball Intern is for you.


Throughout our history, interns have served such a critical role as innovators, go-getters, and world-changers. Whether you are looking to grow in your professional skills as an academic intern or learn what living out your faith looks like as a ministry intern, we are excited for the opportunity to work with you!


Designed for you to grow in a specific skill area of your interest, you can work with our team in one of our many departments!

DEVelopment focused

We always say we have to give more to you than what you give to us. We will focus on developing you in your area of interest as well as professionally.


In partnership with your college or university, we will design a set of goals for you to achieve during your internship with us.


Ministry internships exist as place for you to experience faith in action to join Jesus where He is at work.

GROWTH Centered

You will get the opportunity to, "grow as you," as each day is full of opportunities to put your faith into practice.


We always say we have to give more to you than what you give to us. We are excited for what you will add to us and where you will grow.



Find out the answers to our most frequently asked questions about Boy With a Ball Internships. If you have more questions beyond the ones listed, please reach out to us.
You can apply to be an academic or a ministry intern!
How long are the internships?
As a standard, our internships are set up by semester: Spring, Summer, and Fall and can range from 8-12 weeks.
Is there a cost for the internship?
Ministry interns have provided housing and specialized experiences, and therefore, have a cost per month for the duration of their stay.

Academic interns do not have a cost for their internship.
WHAT does it mean to be a ministry intern?
As a ministry intern, you are coming to learn from our team how to be part of high-level youth development while also growing in your personal faith. Once you apply, interview, and are accepted as an intern, we will meet to set your exact learning goals and internship plan.
You will have the opportunity to work alongside our staff and team in a specialized area within our organization including (but not limited to): communications, evaluation, fundraising, and program implementation. In this role, you will get boots-on-the-ground experience with an international NGO. If you are an academic intern, you in partnership with your university will have specific requirements and goals for your internship. During the interview process, we will work to understand these goals an implement them into your internship!


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