Volunteer. Travel. Give. However you choose to join us...


We launch movements of changemakers and leaders in cities across the world. And there is a place for everyone. Whether you are a dedicated volunteer with a passion for literacy or a talented artist who wants to do good while playing music, find your part in Love Your City and change the lives of young people around the world.


Stories from the field, amazing opportunities, and inside access
specifically made for world-changers and movement makers.

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come to the Love your city conference

LYCCon is a gathering of global leaders who dream of having meaningful impact on their businesses, churches, schools, and neighborhoods. This conference is for innovators, passionate leaders, and those who are willing to do whatever it takes to reach the next generation.



Throughout our history, volunteers are the critical key to everything. They agilely go, love, serve, and fight for communities in amazing ways. Become a volunteer and grow as you go out to Love Your City.



Become a changemaker yourself as a Boy With a Ball intern and gain hands-on experience working with leaders who share the same passion for reaching young people and transforming cities.



Host a concert on your lawn. Sell lemonade. Build a dunk tank. Whatever creative way you choose to fundraise, 100% of what you raise will change the future for young people around the world.


go to camp

Camp Overcomers is five-day, leadership development camp for faith-based young people looking to learn how to join Jesus on His mission to change the world.


take a love your city trip

Love Your City Trips give you and your team the opportunity to go to one of our local teams around the world and learn what it takes to Love Your City in your neighborhood, no matter where you live.



Shop with purpose. When you make a purchase at the Boy With a Ball store, you not only get amazing products, you also impact young people. Almost sounds too good to be true? It isn't! Head over to the Boy With a Ball Store.


start something

If you believe in the power of young people to change the world, if you are a leader looking to impact your city, if you have always longed to be part of something bigger than yourself, you might be a Boy With a Ball innovator. Reach out to see if starting Love Your City, a campus club, or something else is right for you.