In the hopeless places, it’s hard to believe anything could be good, because hopelessness is overwhelming. The dark becomes darker, and there is no room for things like vision or joy.

It's hard to be disciplined or driven or light, because hopelessness is a suffocating room.

The opposite is powerfully true, then, in the hopeful spaces.

Hope is a deep trust, an intense endurance, a place of true safety and confidence. Hope is the substance of that unseen. Hope helps us know that our suffering may endure for this moment, but we're already in motion to a full, life-giving space.

This is the work we do. We fight for hope in once hopeless places. We believe hope is the essential tool, a critical piece, for our young people and their communities to make it, to grow, to reach their dreams.

The mission is massive, and the opportunity is ripe. Will you join us in bringing hope to communities across the world?

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