When we all give what we have, a large, diverse, exciting community of support comes together for real, exceptional impact.

There are many ways to give that are different than making a one-time donation, and every form of giving critically impacts the lives of young people all across the world. Here are ten ways to creatively give using what you uniquely have to give!

  1. Donate Your Birthday: When your birthday comes along, your family friends want to find a way to meaningfully celebrate you (and rightfully so!). Share with them why you want to give hope to young people across the world. Talk about the impact you uniquely see. Post about it on Facebook and talk about it over cupcakes. Celebrate your birthday by impacting young people and communities!
  2. Host a Trivia Night: Invite some friends over (couples, your small group, neighbors), have each team donate $5 and have a trivia tournament with those you love. To make it even more fun, center the trivia around subjects that you all love as a group!
  3. Have a Bake Sale: Make cookies, brownies, muffins, or cupcakes and sell your treats to neighbors or friends! Set up a table at school or book custom orders. Spend time as a family and make an impact on families around the globe.
  4. Run a Garage Sale: While you're doing your spring cleaning, organize it, and have a garage sale one Saturday morning! Bonus idea: plan it with your neighbors and have a neighborhood sale.
  5. Partner with Your Company: As an employee, what you care about, your company cares about. Talk with your boss about matching donations you and your coworkers make to Boy With a Ball!
  6. Write a Letter: Really want to get someone involved? Is there someone you want to share Love Your City with? Write a letter sharing all about the importance of hope in the lives of young people!
  7. Sell Lemonade: Or coffee. Or tea. A classic, a lemonade stand is a great way to meet your neighbors and refresh everyone's day. Don't know where to have it? Run your lemonade stand at the park or after school!
  8. Host a Concert on Your Lawn: For all our musically inclined community of support, get together your band (or prep for a solo) and invite your friends, families, and coworkers to a concert in your front lawn. They bring their picnic blankets; you bring the music! At the end of the evening, take time to share about BWAB and why you are part of this growing movement.
  9. Run a Car Wash: As summer approaches, get out your water hose and old rags, grab a group of adventurous friends, and invite some friends to your $10 car wash! Bonus idea: Ask your local church or business if you can host it in their parking lot for added visibility!
  10. Create a Personal Fundraiser: People give to causes they believe in and they give because of people they love. Take a few minutes to write about why you want to give hope and share your personal fundraiser on all your social media platforms, via letters and texts, and over conversations with friends and family.

However you choose to give, you participate meaningfully in giving hope to young people all across the world. Make sure to take pictures and tag @boywithaball, so we can see and celebrate you as a critical part of our community of support!

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