Seeking: World-Changers

Boy With a Ball is seeking out a handful of passionate, gifted and skilled individuals who deeply desire to change the world by reaching and developing young people.

Just as superheroes join together in movies today, great leaders who yearn to find their place within collaborative teams of leaders where they can grow and accomplish greater things together than they could ever accomplish alone.

Velocity Berkmar is an afterschool program that enlists (engages) great leaders like you to equip Berkmar High School students to serve as mentors to Berkmar Middle School students. Velocity was first instituted in San Antonio, Texas in 2011 and has helped 100% of the students graduate from struggling high schools while creating a movement of inspirational leaders and stories along the way.

A historic, global program, Velocity provides a place for impacting lives and changing outcomes for high school and middle school students. More importantly, it is also a place to see your own life grow and develop as the leader you yearn to be.

The program begins at 2 pm on Tuesday afternoons and ends at 6 pm.

If these words resonate with you and you are prepared to engage a significant fight to help transform a high school on the way to transforming a county and then a city, please contact us now. Please send an email to to apply to be a volunteer leader today.

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