In November, we sent a letter.

You can read it here:


We talked about the year that was different for everyone. We shared what we learned as we carefully went out into the communities that we love so much. We said that we needed some help, because the needs of young people around the world have just gotten more severe.

We learned last year that life doesn't stop. It can't. Though it can be disrupted, altered, changed, shaken, it will not stop. We are all still people. Young people are still people. Boy With a Ball is still a group of people who believe that our lives were made to help young people reach their dreams.

And as life continued on, we encountered another persistent truth: Love can't stop either.

We were made to love. We were made to love our cities, our communities, our neighbors. And that is what happened.

As we sent out our annual appeal, we said that we would raise $100,000 together to help Love Your City grow in 2021. We told the stories of our seven teams across the world who all miraculously grew and experienced breakthrough in the last year. We told the Love Your City story across the regions. We told the story of Changemakers. And as we stepped out to tell the stories and share the revelations we had, something beautiful happened.

People gave.  People gave to our teams across the world. Some created fundraisers. Others brought their friends. Some sold coffee on the sidewalk outside of a church. Many gave their time, running tutoring centers or throwing end-of-year celebrations. You gave generously and passionately and creatively.

No matter how the gifts were given, we received abundantly from our community across the world who have taken part in this historic year.

This campaign season, we raised over $100,000 globally to help young people and their communities.

All because those who gave, gave in love.

We go into 2021 grateful and humble for each and every person who is part of Boy With a Ball. Thank you for who you are to us as donors, as volunteers, and team members, and as friends.

When we love our cities together, we win.

Thank you for your part in the Boy With a Ball story in 2020.

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