This idea of a future. A connection to something you can't yet see. Knowledge that you are on your way to somewhere different, better, bigger.

It's like the first flicker of light in a dark, open space. It's an invisible call, a quiet voice helping you know you're on your way. 

It's hope. 

Across the world, we work with young people, and the biggest difference maker, the essential key (every time) is hope. Right now, amidst divides and disconnection, over and over in schools and in neighborhoods, we find that hope is missing. There isn't a sense that they were uniquely made. There isn't a knowledge that their life was designed with a purpose. They wander, accepting consolations instead of pushing forward connected to the deeper ways of having a purpose. 

Hope changes everything.

Hope gives you direction, expectation, joy. Hope gives you faith that you can do hard things. Hope connects you to something bigger than yourself. It keeps you from standing still. It changes your days, your decisions, your life. 

Love Your City is the fight to participate in bringing hope into our neighborhoods, into our schools, into the lives of others. It is an ever growing movement of people who's lives have been transformed by hope, turning outward to share it with others. 

Join us in the fight for hope in the lives of young people each day.

Become a monthly donor and participate in arming young people with hope across the world year round. Give what you have, because every gift adds to our growing community of support. Share this campaign and get others in your community involved in this big, life-changing mission.

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