We launched into this year expectant for big things to happen. After the celebration of our twenty years as an organization, we felt that we were being sent into a new time of growth, gaining ground, and going deeper.

Across the world, we have this big dream to help young people reach their dreams, grow as leaders, and transform hurting communities. So, we set out this year with big goals-to reach more young people, to bring others (many others) into the mission, to grow in the places we are and into new cities where we are not (yet!).

And though there are certainly big battles we face, we are not without hope, our driving force. In the midst of learning the significant costs from inconsistent schooling, the Lord has helped us to connect with students and help reestablish truths in their lives. As we go out into hurting neighborhoods, the numbers of young people in vulnerable situations are shocking. Yet, we continue to find the impact of Walkthroughs and small groups and meaningful relationships. Around the world, we consistently encounter His help in both the practical and the spiritual.

Our mission is a big one, and so our hope must be, too. We are excited for what this year will bring and grateful for all you do as part of the BWAB Community. There are many opportunities for all of us to grow, gain ground, and go deeper this year. We look forward to going out to impact our communities together.

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