We all have something to give, and, thankfully, we all don't give the same things. It takes an entire community of different gifts, skills, ideas, and perspectives to change a community for the better. No matter what you have, you have a place in Love Your City. Trying to figure out where you fit in? Here are 5 ways to give that aren't $$$:

  1. Do something to love your neighbor. As much as Love Your City is a global movement, it starts with the local. It starts with one person building a connection with someone else. Take cookies to your neighbor. Go on a walk with a friend. Get to know your server at a restaurant. Whatever it is, take a step and build a relationship in your city.
  2. Host a campaign. Love to love where you live? Get your people involved! Host a personal campaign and share your Love Your City story. Raise funds as a community and help Love Your City grow around you and around the world.
  3. Get your friends involved. Get your friends and family in on everything you love about Love Your City! Invite them to like or follow Boy With a Ball and help them stay as in on the stories as you are!
  4. Set up your Amazon Smile. Did you know that you can give back when you buy from Amazon? Set up your Amazon Smile account with Boy With a Ball as your preferred organization and raise money as you shop!
  5. Give what you have. We say it all the time because we mean it! Volunteer with us with any of our teams across the world and give your time and your skills to help build connection and care across a city.

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