Once considered the "breadbasket of Central America," the country was decimated by a massive earthquake in 1972 and the resultant revolution in 1979. Today, Nicaragua’s unemployment/underemployment is over 50%. Many families earn less than $10 a day. Only three out of 10 children living in poverty will finish elementary school and less than 1 out of those 3 will finish high school.

Founded in 2010, El Nino y La Bola Nicaragua works with students on the campus of UNAM (University National Autonomous-Managua) to provide the support they need to graduate. They also help to equip them as community leaders by implementing Love Your City walkthroughs in the surrounding economically disadvantaged neighborhoods. As a result of this team's work, a new generation of professionals are being equipped to transform their country while helping children, youth, and families rise to reach their dreams in places where doing so can seem hopeless for most.

Edwin Rivas
Country Director
our offices
Colonia Miguel Bonilla, casa #228

This team is a pilot team, meaning it is in the exploratory phase of viability as a Boy With a Ball Team.


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