Set in the center of the Middle East, Lebanon's ranging territory from the peak of its' snow-capped mountain ranges to the sands of the coast is filled with a rich history of ancient civilizations, trade, conflict, and culture. Today, Lebanon faces many battles including a difficult and long-lasting economic crisis and being a primary landing place for the Syrian Refugee spillover. This beautiful and important country is home to just over 5 million people, 1.5 million of which are youth.

Young people in Lebanon are growing up with bombs in the backdrop. Growing up as a young person is a difficult and daunting journey; it is even more so when your neighborhood is being pieced back together after an attack or you do not have a school to go to beacuse you are now labeled "displaced."

The story of Boy With a Ball Lebanon is just beginning. Officially launching in fall of 2023, we are exploring the opportunity of launching teams into three regions of the country— Beirut, its capital city, Tripoli, a coastal urban area in the North, and the Zahle Region, home to one of the densest populations of Syrian Refugees. As Love Your City is unleashed into neighborhoods and refugee camps, we are excited to partner with historic organizations throughout the region. BWAB Lebanon is the first of what will be many Middle Eastern teams reaching into lost, disrupted, and hurting neighborhoods to develop the next generation of young leaders fighting for a different future for their countries.

Anna Currie
Regional Director of Middle East & East Africa
our offices
VGV2+486، بيروت،، Lebanon

This team is a pilot team, meaning it is in the exploratory phase of viability as a Boy With a Ball Team.


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