The five Forgotten Pieces have shaped faith-based leaders around the world for years. The Forgotten Pieces explored in this book cannot be simply handed to you. However, the words in this book can be used by God to invite you into your own unique, friendship-forming journey with Him.


Boy With a Ball has over twenty years of experience in helping growing leaders learn these five Forgotten Pieces and launch into a high-impact life of knowing and following Jesus.

This book puts in print the intentions of God’s own heart to do whatever it takes to help you recognize and respond to His presence and voice. This book can inspire you with how God has helped other leaders across history follow His direction into impossible and uncomfortable situations as they endured the pain of waiting for His hand to move and then experienced the power of His salvation and deliverance. The clear intimation is that what He did for them, He is just as ready to do for you. You too can be set free from shallow ideas and invisible shackles that have kept you running in circles for too many years.

What READERS are saying

Forgotten Pieces is an important field guide for the Christian believer who wants to step into a life of greater freedom and joy... May these forgotten pieces become the treasured pieces of our lives as we follow our Savior Jesus Christ, believing Him and trusting Him in all that we do each day.”

John Norton

English Professor

“Forgotten Pieces provides a practical, easy to understand framework for following Jesus. This book will transform the way you view ministry and will light a fire in your heart to pursue what you are created for. Whether you are new to ministry or have been pursuing Jesus for years, this book has wisdom to offer every generation in every season.”

Chase Meeder

Youth Pastor

“The Forgotten Pieces are not easy pieces, but they are life-changing and life-giving!  A great book for individual study, small groups, leadership teams and anyone who, looking over the state of the world, of our own souls and of our churches, says ‘There must be something missing.’ There is, and The Forgotten Pieces will start putting what's missing back in. The best, most challenging and most encouraging pages you'll read!”

Brian Emmet

Retired Pastor


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