Anna Currie
Regional Director of Middle East and East Africa
Anna's desire to fight alongside young people came out of her own fight for life. She is a relational builder who cares for people in a way that draws out their best. Anna is launching into a new position as the Regional Director of Middle East and East Africa.
Christine Emmet
Chief Marketing Officer
A native Miamian, Christine has served with Boy With a Ball in Costa Rica, in San Antonio and in Atlanta. Christine has the mind of a business strategist, a designer's skill set and a youth developer's heart. Christine is Pete's wife, Lucia's mom, and keeps a pulse on everyone on the team.
Jamie Johnson
Executive Director
Jamie and Kathy Johnson emerged from their own trouble as teenagers to raise three children, Joshua, Nina and Joey, and to help found Boy With a Ball. Jamie is a strategic equipper whose capacity for casting vision helps Boy With a Ball grow.
Jeniffer Gomez
Chief Operating Officer
Jen grew up in Colombia and moved to the United States as a 10 year old. Her own journey of navigating life and culture has made her a fierce fighter for people. She also has laser like vision, a great mind for systems. Jen is an MBA graduate and serves our staff and teams across the world as the Chief Operating Officer for Boy With a Ball.
Josiah Johnson
Development Director
Josiah Johnson, affectionately called Joey, grew passionate about helping young people reach their dreams as his life was transformed by deep friendships while studying at the University of Georgia. Josiah is a creative connector who uses humor to care for people and lead them. He functions as the Development Director and works creatively at finding ways to rally a city to care for its own.
Molly Johnson
Communications Director
Born in Knoxville, Tennessee, Molly has spent most of her life in greater Atlanta. Molly is passionate about creating beautiful things that have impact. She is the Director of Communications, helping our teams across the world share their world-changing stories.


Ellen Banta
Velocity Director
An Ohio native, Ellen originally began her involvement with Boy With a Ball as a summer intern. After graduating college, she moved to Atlanta to be part of the Velocity staff and has grown to direct the program in Gwinnett County schools. Ellen loves young people and is uniquely gifted at identifying and bringing out the talents and gifts within them.
Maria Bortolucci Lao
Love Your City Director
Maria is a passionate and gifted communicator who originally fell in love with Love Your City as a volunteer. On her first Walkthrough, she said it "just felt like home." Maria is dynamic and fun to be with, cares deeply about others, and is a gifted learner which makes her uniquely wonderful in Love Your City.
Sergio Gonzalez
Metro Atlanta Director
A native Texan, Sergio began his BWAB story as a college volunteer and grew to be the San Antonio director for year before moving with his wife, Sarah, and three children to be part of leading Boy With a Ball's Flagship team here in Gwinnett. A fierce friend, talented cook, and amazing encourager of people, Sergio brings out the best parts of people and helps them grow. He currently serves as the Metro Atlanta Director.