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Why Here?

Kenya is more than beautiful savannas filled with elephants, grazing giraffes and lions. Boy With a Ball invites you to touch a different kind of beauty than the kind you see on safari. Walk with our historic Fikisha team into the heart of one of Kenya’s largest slums. See beauty unfold as you join in the work of changing the hearts of young men and women coming from the muddy, garbage laden streets of Kawangware. Grow in your capacity to follow Jesus touching the lives of Kenyan street kids while learning how you can similarly impact people back in your own home town.

A Typical Week

Day 1

Travel to Kenya

Day 2


Day 3

Work in the Kawangware Slum

Day 4

Work in the Kawangware Slum

Day 5

Cultural Excursion

Day 6

Travel Home
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