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Costa Rica

Why Here?

Costa Rica is a picturesque destination for 1.7 million tourists every year. But it is also the destination for more than a million Nicaraguans who have fled their country due to revolutions, earthquakes and poverty. We invite you to come with us into the narrow, muddy pathways of tin shanty towns and into the lives and hearts of beautiful people fighting for a better life. Join in with the Costa Rican leaders of Boy With a Ball’s inspirational work as you are equipped to impact people in ways that you will take home with you. This is not a trip for painting a few walls, but one that will change your own life as you learn to live, love and give on another level when you return to your own city.

A Typical Week

Day 1

Walkthroughs in Los Cuadros

Day 2

Community Project in Los Cuasdros

Day 3

Walkthroughs in Los Cuadros

Day 4

Walkthroughs in Los Cuadros

Day 5

Walkthroughs in Los Cuadros

Day 6

Excursion Day in San Jose
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