Love youR city CONFERENCE | 2023

living a life of love

When Jesus came, He came as a missionary, sent into our lives to reach past our sin, wake up our hearts, and demonstrate to us a life given for others out of the heart of God. Jesus's life shows us how we were made to live. No matter our sphere of influence, we are made for lives of ministry. Why, then, do our stories lack His power and life? His love is what we're missing. If He hasn't sent us, if He isn't with us, if we aren't first experiencing how extravagantly He first loved us, we have no chance. We are made to live lives of first deeply experiencing, receiving, and changing from His love to then go out and share what we've found. What would we have to give otherwise?


June 1-3, 2023

Love Your City Conference 2023 is a gathering of churches and  sent teams who are following Jesus into learning to bear exponential fruit. If you are a leader who is grappling with loving Jesus, loving your neighbors and loving your city, come and bring all of those who you know you are called to fight beside. His life, His love, His voice will lead us together into a life-giving deeper connection with the Powerful One, allowing us to “turn the world upside down” once again.


Jesus calls us to be disciples, to be trained, and to go out into the world as He did in ministry. Both Jesus and Paul trained people in life-altering and game-changing ministry moments. We kick off the conference with a day dedicated to doing the same, learning to receive His ministry in order to go out in the world to minister to others.


The Love Your City Conference centers around a powerful tool called Love Your City that helps local church leaders, local ministry team leaders, local business leaders, and young people go out to impact the communities around them. We will spend the day in interactive sessions and workshops around Love Your City, ending the day by eating together with the option to choose one of three conversations that best fits you as a leader.


The day begins with all of us heading out to actually participate in Love Your City here in Atlanta and ends with a powerful evening that commissions all of us out into generosity and action this year. Those whose own lives have been changed in Love Your City will stand beside givers, senders, those who go, and those who want to go, praying for and sending all of us into a year of miraculous power.

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LYCCON 2022 dove right into how we could learn to minister like Jesus did and how to go from incarnation, prolomation, to demonstarton.